New Year, New Inspirations

07 January, 2014

Happy New Year and happy birthday to this blog, a good ol' 5 years of adventures, inspiration, and musings. Whilst a good digital vacation is good for the soul, a little reflecting on the past has been the perfect way for me to get to a better tomorrow. And while reflecting on the past year and all that I have accomplished and overcome, I would say that 2013 was the year of seeing my dreams come true.  And while it was also challenging, making new dreams and challenges are great way to keep the momentum alive for personal growth. With that being said, here are a few of my goals for 2014.

Work for Self
I'm convinced that I will not achieve inner peace with my career goals until I am in charge of my own career path. What NYC has taught me as a recent transplant graduate is that if you want to see your career dreams come true, working for other's is not going to help you realize and achieve them. Plus hanging out with my dog is a major bonus. So whether I'm doing freelance, consulting, or blogging, being my own boss is in the works.

Travel Near and Far
I love to travel, and as far where I see this year going, it seems like a lot of travel is in store.

Be Organized
I'm terrible at planning and organizing myself at home. I would like to have more control over this to see how much I can actually achieve, and I'm sure that while working for myself is doable from home, I should probably have more of a routine of achieving those plans.

Take a Travel Writing Class
I've always dreamed of becoming a travel writer. Whether I'm writing about my bicycle adventures, trips oversea's, or moving to a new place, I want to become a travel writer for my own sanity. NYC offers these intense boot camp weekend courses where you learn to find your travel writers voice and that just might be my ticket!

Bike Tour The East Coast
This is in the works for Spring and Summer. No doubt these are going to happen frequently.

Write a draft of The City Girls Guide To Cycling
I've been dreaming this up for a while and thought maybe it's time to write all my knowledge and experience in a book. It's been a long dream of mine to make my experience and information accessible to new cyclist.

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