Happy Weekend + Link Love

18 October, 2013

photo: pinterest
TGIF... I love saying that! Now that the weekend is here it's time for adventure and time to be inspired. My favorite pass time during the weekends is to spend time in my neighborhood going for an early walk with our morning coffee and hanging out at the park while hundreds of dogs play around us. It's absolute bliss and just confirms to me that happiness is found in the little things in life. Whether it be small or big, here are some things to keep you inspired and happy throughout your weekend.

1. This video by Bobbin Bicycles, so stylish, so cute.
2. In NYC this weekend? Here's a little guide to shop, eat, and relax.
3. Currently reading this book Tranquilista, so cute and full of good tricks to keeping tranquil.
5. I strongly believe women need to be planners and empowered in how they spend their money, here's a handbook on how to budget by The Every Girl.
7. I'm craving to make so many delicious heart warming beverages using these recipes for apple cocktails.
9. This sad, wonderful essay, "Beauty Trap"
10. I constantly get told I look like Bjork, I think I might actually go for this DIY Swan Costume this year.

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