Greetings! From Clinton Hill

03 October, 2013

It's been a quiet week around here lately and needless to say, I've been a busy girl. I recently moved apartments in Brooklyn and although it's been rather time consuming and all out exhausting, I'm loving my new neighborhood in Clinton Hill. This neighborhood charmed me the moment I walked through it  months ago and since... I've had my heart set on living here. 
 The neighborhood is all that I had expected out of living in New York... charm, accessible amenities, and surprisingly great places to eat, shop, and play. I would say that this neighborhood has all that I love about living in cities and although life is leisurely in these parts, everyone works hard and easy going.
 Also, there are so many bikes around these parts, probably the most bike friendly part of Brooklyn by far but I'm sure others can vouch for other bike friendly neighborhoods. Since leaving SF, lots of people have been telling me that Brooklyn is up and coming! I see why, with more space, greenery, and nice places to eat and shop, I would say that life here in pretty nice! It's definitely not the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, while personal touch and a slower pace of life balances the day to day hectic New York lifestyle.
For many wondering about my future plans of returning to SF, I will eventually be back. The plans for living a bicoastal lifestyle are in the plans and being in a relationship with someone that is not American eventually means there is a lot of traveling and possibly moving. I'm okay with that, our spirits are alike.  For now, our home is here in charming Clinton Hill and I'm looking forward to making life here an adventure.
I know I speak of travel and adventure A LOT, but sometimes life is full of adventures and moving around and learning about yourself is just as important as exploring new environments. Have you ever made a huge move and learned something new about yourself?

All photos @ Julia Robbs

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