The Period Store: For Your Cycle

04 September, 2013

Have you heard of the The Period Store? An online delivery service of all your monthly feminine needs. From brands like Kotex and Always to sea sponges, menstrual cups and international feminine products from around the world, they also include goodies like hand-crafted sweets, packets of tea, and a 5×7 art print. Recently, I tried their services and found it to be the happiest package upon receiving and opening. Being a woman that openly speaks about her period with the important women and men in my life, I love that they are encouraging women to talk about their periods openly, and without embarrassment. Although cultural differences might keep women from openly discussing this topic, I find it critical that periods become a part of this discussion around women's needs in the bicycle industry, as much as it is in the fashion, accessory, hair, skincare, and cosmetic industry.
It's obvious that their commitment to the dialogue is in how they make videos about women talking about their periods, a blog called The Periodical that covers a wide range of period topics — some funny, some more serious, and they even host events, like Menstruation Celebration, throughout the year (wish we had one monthly, amIright?!). 
Many bicycling women around the web are speaking about this topic, from time to time, and I do too. There's even a women's Clitoral Mass the Ovarian Psycho Cycles ladies put on in L.A. What’s your take on this? Are you already comfortable talking about your period freely? Or do you feel this is a subject you’d rather keep behind the scenes? If yes, would a site that combined the ideas of The Period Store + Cycling help you think about and experience your period differently?

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