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13 September, 2013

photo: taelinle
Yes, thank God it's Friday. I'm definitely in the need for some R&R this weekend while we are being covered in dark clouds and a little rain here in NYC. While I'm starting to cozy up here, I thought I'd share some inspiring links and reads around the webs that kept me interested and grounded this week.

1. This weekend guide around NYC from Daily Candy NYC.
2. For many of us girls in our 20 somethings, we are constantly building our careers and The Everygirl is a great resource.
3. I love documentaries, I can waste a whole weekend watching them except sometimes inspirational documentaries are in need and I found this documentary Makers: Women Who Make America just that.
4. I think for many of us handling life in a hectic city, it's important we balance our relationships, especially the one closest to home. A Blog About Love is just that dose of reminding us to be thankful for the love that comes our way.
5. Recently, I started a new series called Bike Talk on the topic of Bicycles and Embracing my Inner Quirky Girl and covered an issue many of us fashionable cyclists are dealing with, as Sweet Georgia Brown likes to call it, Cycle Chic Shaming. She has a very similar perspective and gives her insight into this issue too.
6. If you're in NYC this weekend, go see this amazing installation by James Turrel at The Guggenheim. It's the coolest experience.
7. I recently started taking up yoga again. While it's too expensive in NYC, I found a free online yoga site that helps me to unwind without burning a hole in my pocket.
8. This band Blouse, so good, if you like synth, airy voices, female front-women with bangs and bad 80's graphics.
9. My favorite Lean In commentary, You Can't Have It All, But You Can Have Cake.
10. Just finished reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling and laughed my heart out. A must read.

Have a great weekend!

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