Happy Weekend + Link Love

21 September, 2013

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Happy Weekend! And a BIG sorry on the little delay of link love. You know how much I love sharing interesting reads and information with you and that's why I made sure to share with you some of my favorite reads and things to do this weekend. Whether you're riding a bike, curling up to a good book or movie, or just feeling creative, I've got some great ideas and reads to keep you inspired this weekend.

1. Eleanor's NYC did a really cute DIY bicycle spokes card project that just threw me head over wheels, time to get crafty!
2. Are bike commuters the happiest of commuters? Of course, and Portland State University has the facts!
3. I'm getting ready to move and have the perfect wall for a gallery inspired by Rue.
4. I have a thing for funny women, and if they're brilliant writers like Delia Ephron and her book Sister, Mother, Husband, Dog, Etc., I'm a happy woman with a good book to curl up to.
5. Speaking of books, I'm a huge fan of J.D. Salinger and of course we all know Catcher In The Rye. I recently watched his documentary biography, Salinger, and I can't tell you enough that if you're a hug fan of his work, you need to watch this.
6. There is so much to do in NYC, the weekends a perfect time to explore, here's Daily Candy's weekend guide.
7. My household is a fan of smoothies, breakfast, lunch, or for a snack, we love these smoothie recipes at PopSugar
8. I really like Molly Millar, writer of 2 Broke Girls, and her great interview at the Huffington Post.
9. Blueberry pancake recipe? Yes, please!
10. The 17 Faces of Feminism, I like them all.

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