life in new york

06 June, 2013

when first arriving to new york, i was warned by new yorkers that people and life here is a bit more fast paced and rough. while listening to these gripes, i would nod, smile, and think deeply inside that they have no clue where i've come from or what San Francisco is like. i get that New York is a place where meetings of personalities is a bit of a challenge, people do their thing at a hundred miles an hour, and well, their time is more important than yours. i get that, however, i find this pace very comforting and i like it. call me crazy but adjusting and exploring life in New York has been smooth sailing. lucky for me, being a city girl my whole life has taught me this resilience.

i always find that the best way to get to know a new city is to walk around and watch people. while being in a new environment is like taking a fish out of an old tank and putting it into a new tank, it takes time to gain a rhythm and a lifestyle balance. personally, living in New York is just a bigger and more crowded tank, yet, what makes these adaptations successful is having the openness and willingness to take on new daily challenges and challenging yourself to be smarter at dealing with them. creating your lifestyle in a new city is like a blank canvas, you paint a picture of what you want it to be like for yourself and you live in it the way you want.

with this said, there is so much to do and see here, everyday is like a play day because you're constantly learning and doing new things. it's exciting as my whole life is about cities, making them livable, innovative, and enjoyable. living in New York now is like research for a future city planner, at least that's what i tell my boyfriend. i think the future here holds some promises, there is a lot to learn still. from here though, i'm only looking forward.

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jesse.anne.o said...

I can't imagine living anywhere else at this point.