getting acquainted

12 March, 2013

this is the last photo i could remember taking with wendybird. it's a ride from the grocery store from noticing my green tote shopping bag. i think about this bike everyday, how it would make my life so much easier if i had her back cause i truly depended on this bike for many things, my transportation and even online community. with the school year almost over and moving my life in a new city with the love of my life, i'm looking forward to starting a new adventure with a new bike.

i'll be in NYC at the end of the month and would love to start making friends with ladies in the bike community, many of which i met through this blog. would love your guidance of roughing the streets and gaining resources to getting acquainted. could you help me? thanks!


Vikkii said...

How exciting for you! what a lovely post :) Unfortunately I live in england but hey ho!

Kristina "The Chubby Cruiser" said...

I am here for you babes! Can't wait to meet you! Check out these sites while you at it:,,

Also add me on facebook!