urban hiking: lands end

17 January, 2013

one of my favorite urban hiking spots in the city is Lands End. tucked in the rocky end point of Golden Gate Park and at the beginning of the Pacific Ocean, about an hour and a half of hiking trails on top of cliffs guide a scenic walk with views that reach from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Ocean, and Marin. just recently i took the mister on an a sunset walk where we picnicked among cliffs and crashing waves. at one point, those waves were the only noise we could hear away from the city. usually insulated by fog, we were lucky enough to have clear skies, the stars above, and the moonlight glistening in the sea.

Lands End is perfect for those days you just want to get into nature and away from the city (but not too far from home too).


Brandi said...

I love Lands End! Have you ever gone at sunset? The lookout, as well as Sutro Baths, is the perfect place to watch the sun go down.

Cecilia said...

I briefly visited this spot when I was in San Francisco at the end of last year and it was gorgeous! If I have a chance to go again, will make sure I give myself a whole day to experience it!

jorjiapeach said...

stunning photo.