NYC trip

15 January, 2013

just recently i took a trip across the country to visit my boy to ring in the new year. i had never been in NYC during winter and thought it would have been freezing cold and jam packed with people. it was exactly that but i handled and took it like a big girl. i loved being in the big city during this time of year, bundled up in layers, scarves, and boots, and being able to hold the one i love while marveling at city skyscrapers in glistening light in search of the perfect burger, pizza, and coffee shop.

i have an affinity for cities, i've devoted my entire college education to studying them and this blog about discovering San Francisco. i've lived in Los Angeles my entire youth and moved up to SF at a time of forging my way in life. i spent a lot of time walking and discovering my purpose between bus rides, meeting people, reading in cafe's, art shows, and concerts. i started to love walking through them, studying its people, architecture, history, art, food, and finding the charms that make these cities great. it wont be long till i start to familiarize myself with NYC.

and although coming from California with deep convictions that the Bay Area has the best scenery,  food, and coffee etc, i'm willing to put my convictions aside for new experiences cause that's what it's all about right?!

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Georgie Ormrod said...

Enjoy getting to know this new city :-) Best wishes