women's bicycle chic businesses

05 June, 2012

for some bit of a time, i've been pondering a small business geared towards reviewing and selling women's specific bicycle chic products and bikes. this is something i'm brewing up this summer and while i've been doing my research i ran into this video which has inspired me. starting a small business is exciting and nerve wrecking. yet, i'm hoping my standing in the bicycle community will be something i can leverage for support in the year to come as i begin to build on this. it's encouraging to see more women out there building small businesses for women's specific bike products. for so many reasons this is a super positive thing for the bicycle community. it says that more women are on bikes and demanding comfortable lifestyle products that suite them specifically. women lead businesses such a The Bicycle Muse, Po Campo, , Nona Varnadoand Beg Bicycles have always been my inspiration and leaders in this movement.
way to go ladies!

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