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20 May, 2011

oh hi there for the third post of today, i'm  feeling the urge that i should entertain you with some good reads i've been catching up on. there is so much feistiness amongst the ladies bike blogging community and not against each other but against the ridicule that we get for being "silly new girly girls/bloggers on bikes." i've made rants of this before but my point still stands that we build a community to encourage women  (new or not) to ride a bike, we equip them with necessary tools to adopt a lifestyle that is healthy for them and the planet, and importantly, to have fun. by all means, our goal is not to uplift consumerism. for many new riders it is hard to find confidence on the road, it takes time but it's better than being fearful of riding a bike. I said this before but what I propose is an idea that infects people with the desire to empower themselves and to treat others with respect, that is a message we should fight for. the bicycle community can look like anything but if it’s going to grow we need to allow people in not keep them out if they can’t keep up, give them tools, and knowledge to empower themselves in making the world a better place one person, one bicycle at a time.
i think all the other ladies in the bicycle community will agree with this because they all have been recently talking about it too...

On Cycling and Being a Novice on Naturally Cycling Manchester

Bike to Work Week on Brown Girl in the Lane

A Lovely Bike Commute on Let's Go Ride a Bike


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