earth day april 22

21 April, 2011

I pride myself in being an earth loving, bike riding, thrift shopping, composting, recycling, organic eating, sustainable design geeky San Francisco girl. Growing up I was taught to respect the ground we live on. Strongly influenced by our culture, my dad taught me how to connect and work our hands with the soil, through his passion for growing plants and vegetation, as well as designing landscapes with natural flows, I developed a love and respect for the environment and it's living inhabitants.

Earth day, April 22, has always been a favorite event of mine and usually I commit to something green every year. This year i've taken on a strong interest in food justice and sustainability, which explains why I've been posting about farmers markets and local events. Since my interest has grown I made this years pledge to raise awareness on food justice and sustainability. I even signed up for a gardening class to learn about growing my own food seasonally. i'll be happy to share more info but what i'm getting to is that as a lifestyle cyclist, i make a daily pledge to the air quality that life is sustained by. it's the simplest acts we do on a day to day basis that impacts the natural flow of our environment and our bodies. 

here are a few websites to get you more familiar with food justice and sustainability, as well as how you can make a difference in making a pledge to appreciate Earth's natural environments.

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