on work loads and rides

07 March, 2011

ah! midterms have quickly crept up on me and i'm cramming in school work into my busy schedule like no other! i decided as a safe means to be a successful student i need to take a couple of days off from the blog. don't worry, there are lots of bike rides and events that i'll be joining,  i will just have to update you when i'm stress free! so as a means of taking a small break, i'm hoping to live vicariously through you all! i thought it might be fun to hear your stories (through the comments) so that i can have something to look forward to when i return. i would love to hear your stories for a change too!

as a reward for all my hard work, i'm going on a super long ride this weekend to relieve myself from reading text books for hours. the road and fresh air are going to be my best friends. see you soon!