d.i.y blog cards to hand out to cute commuters

01 March, 2011

there are so many times i see a cute girl or a cute bike that i long for a connection to... well, talk about bikes. so many opportunities missed! so, i've decided to no longer miss out on the amazing friendships that could have been so i put my mind to making cards for the blog and voila... cards to give to that super cute commuter that i could be having coffee with next week. who knows, she could be a guest blogger to offer some savvy advice about fixing a flat or bike touring. at first i was a little hesitant to make them because i don't want to seem like i'm promoting the blog for hits or followers. by all means, i'd rather serve very few who are genuinely interested in living a lifestyle on bicycle and building community, that's what this blog is about. so, to do so i need to take it out to the streets!

if your wondering how to make this a D.I.Y. project, i advise that you use photoshop. if you don't have photoshop or you're not savvy using it, use picnik.com (it's free!) to edit photos, add text, etc. if you use picnick, just make sure that you add layers of borders to your image and set the color border to blend in as a whole to add text. use a photo that is your blogs default avatar, that way receivers recognize who you are when they look for you. i use the avatar i use for this blog, twitter, facebook etc. speaking of text, add your name, website, email, and blog statement that way receivers know what the purpose of the card is and what you're about. use color to make it stand out, make it pretty! make sure in the end to crop the finished product as the size of a card (617 x 293) that way when it prints it looks wallet size in length. to print i used dry media heavy weight paper, sized as standard print paper, that way it gives the card a thicker feel with great color print. when the card design is complete, print out 8 (2.5 x 3.5) images of the card, use a xacto knife, cutting board, or scissors to cut (they don't need to be perfect), and there you have it! a blog card to share with a cute commuter! i hope this inspires other ladies riders to do so too as i know many of you were wondering about doing the same thing. just do it! think about all the great adventures you could be inspiring others to have or have with you!

if you need further assistance contact me at citygirlrides@gmail.com and i'll be happy to guide you through.
happy blog card making!


naturallycyclingmanchester said...

cute idea! I was talking to another fellow cycling blogger at the week end, about blog cars to hand out to people when stopping to say 'hey I like your bike' etc :D She has had hers done through Moo Cards, I like your DIY idea :D simple, cute and effective! Go Tina! x

naturallycyclingmanchester said...

it was meant to say 'cards' not 'cars' doh!

cb said...

you are so clever!! great idea! i have thought about doing that too. let me know how it goes!

are you going this friday to the sf party?


adventure! said...

I like it! I've seen people also make "I like your bike" type cards that they would hang on other folks bikes.

I should make some cards. Right now I only have my "illustration" cards that are more for drawing bikes, which I use as a "business" card.

citygirlrides said...

@lc, lol! typo's happen! how do riders respond to your friend? i'm interested in seeing how effective they are?

@cb, i think it would so great of you to do cards since you have etsy products. and yes, it's on for friday!

@adventure, i say just do it! and im sure you have some shnazzy illustrations you can use for the card as well. can't wait to see how everyone works this idea out.

kitten roar said...

cute cards! i work at a bakery, and every now and then someone comes in who has ridden their bike, or just someone i plain want to be friends with, but i have no easy way of giving them my information. i meet at least three people a day i would want to be friends with :(

Julie said...

I wanted to comment on your "Things I never ride without" post, below - Thanks for showing your pretty helmet with a bow!


citygirlrides said...

of course julie. i appreciate your honesty and the effort you place into your blog and lifestyle on bike. we can only do so much to inspire ladies to ride.

Kerry said...

I love this idea and have actually planted 'I like your bike' cards in peoples' baskets in both Amsterdam and London. I didn't include any contact details however so really couldn't say whether it was successful or not. But who wouldn't want to find a card praising their wheels? Let us know how you get on :)

Diana said...

these are really cute!

i use moo.com for my "hello" cards. i had a blog meet up last year and they came in handy! it really is a great idea, especially for the medium you blog towards to.

citygirlrides said...

@diana, thanks for your encouragement. always so happy to have your input.

Hannah Ruth said...

I love this idea! Such a simple and easy way to give a compliment and reach out to make new friends.

I may do the same, especially now that nice weather is on the way.