charlotte adventures

17 November, 2010

i've been keeping Charlotte in the dark for some time now only because we have not been able to partake in any adventures together. this past weekend we did have adventures and i got in some really great photos with her but i broke my camera's usb chord so i'm having to use the pics from my blackberry phone. i forgot what a beast she is. this 30lb beauty is a monster on the road compared to my 12lb road bike Wendy. Charlotte is a show stopper, whenever i'm riding through the Mission lot's of cyclist will tell me nice bike at the pass me up or throw me a little whistle. she is my classic beauty and i love riding her. i don't recommend old cruisers for city riding cause they are meant for cruising but i do enjoy a nice scenic route on her every now and then and for a good work out on these legs of steel.

p.s. do you see a little bird on the blazer? like most object i own i call it Birdie.