rickshaw bagworks magic

20 October, 2010

at the end of our tweed ride on sunday, riders had the opportunity to gather and celebrate at the headquarters of rickshaw bagworks, a local company that specializes in all kinds of lifestyle bags. the special thing about rickshaw bags is that they hold environmental, humanistic, and social values in the way they produce their products and run their company. from what i heard, the company strives to produce bags that are produced with recycled material and are recyclable, they are also big supporters of the sf bicycle coalition and provide benefits to their employees although they are a new company, talk about responsibility! you can specially order a bag or custom design a one of a kind for your own likes, fancy that! something i found a little inspirational in mark dwight's introduction to the company is that they derived their name from three japanese characters that means "human powered vehicle," very appropriate for a company that makes bags for the bicycle enthusiast. 

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